Congratulations Kappa Pledge Class!

Congratulations to the Kappas!


Ross, Trey, Matt, Louie, Jaime, and even Michael!


Consider these congratulatory quotes:

“The Kappas are my favorite pledge class!”—Enoch Sales

“The Kappas had the best dance ever. I wish the Delta dance was that good.”—Kurtis Roddewig

“Kappas are cool, even if I didn’t meet any of them until Retreat. Literally.”—Ryan Roschke

“Does anyone like the Kappas?” –Jonathon Choperena, Chris Dahringer, Ryan Rivera, Matthew Springer, Erik Lugo, and Jordan Molina, each on separate occasions and without conspiring.

“Kappa is a cute letter.”—Noel Pacheco


Who could have hoped for a more popular, easy-going, gregarious, and resplendent pledge class? No one!

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