Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join Sigma Epsilon Omega?

A: Come to as many Recruitment events as you can! Rush week is held at the beginning of each semester. These events are open to all interested in joining as well as those who would like to support prospective members. These events allow us to get to know you and are an opportunity for you to learn more about our Siblinghood as well.

To receive updates on event dates and logistics, please send us your preferred name and email address at

After attending Recruitment events, those who show commitment to becoming a member will be granted a Bid and embark upon a 8-9 week long Pledge process that allows you to bond with members, learn about Greek life, our Fraternity traditions and values, and the Queer community. Although commitment is expected, our Intake process is completely Haze-Free and will not infringe upon new member academic or extracurricular involvement.

Q: What are the requirements to be a member?

A:  Our minimum requirements to be an active member are paying membership dues and fulfilling our community service hours requirement, more than five hours per semester. Although we define ourselves as a fraternity, which traditionally means male-only, we welcome people of all genders and sexual identities. We request sensitivity and open-mindedness in order to best maintain a safe space for our members and our visitors.

Q: What are membership dues?

A: Membership dues are $500 for the full semester. This will pay for our required Fraternity insurance, dues to the MCGC Council, and the approved semester budget. Members who are financially constrained may talk with the Treasurer to set up a payment plan, participate in fundraising opportunities, as well as apply for reduced dues.

Q: How does your Fraternity stand out?

A: We are a family. We talk about our experiences as LGBTQ+ identifying individuals and support one another through the struggles we may face in our communities, as well as the struggle of being students at UC Berkeley. We maintain traditional aspects of the Greek system as we are recognized by UC Berkeley’s Interfraternal Council and participate in many Greek events, but we do it through a queer lens, devoting ourselves to queer culture, activism, and philanthropy. We stand out because we offer a brave space in which our members can grow among siblings who often experience the world similarly and yet strive to learn from each others differences.

Q: Do you have a Fraternity house?

A: Sigma Epsilon Omega does not have a fraternity house, although fellow siblings are in a house where we conduct most events. However, it is a top priority to move into a larger house closer to Frat Row. Until then, we have made this place a home with plenty of decorations and a gorgeous patio.

Q: What time commitment is required to be a member?

A: New Members will be expected to attend weekly events that are announced by the Pledge Marshal, participate in at least one community service event, and work as a class to plan a fundraising event. Have a busy schedule? Don’t stress, we are willing to work with you; we’re busy people too!

Q: What is your involvement with the Queer community?

A: We are close with Gamma Rho Lambda, the queer and ally sorority on campus, as well as Oscar Wilde, the Queer Housing Cooperative. We also work with Geneq, the Queer Alliance Resource Center, and the QTPOC Conference. Additionally, in the past we have hosted philanthropic events to support our friends at the DreamCatcher LGBTQ youth shelter in Oakland.

Q: I am transgender F-to-M and am seeking a family where I can be accepted for who I am. Can I join?

A: Of course! We welcome people of all gender and sexual identities and strive to be a safe space for all! Come to our rush events and see if SEO is the family for you!

Q: I am not ‘out’ to my family, or to anybody else at UC Berkeley. Can I still join?

A: Coming out is a personal journey, you do not need to be ‘out’ to join. It is your decision as to if and when to tell your friends or family. We can provide a safe environment and support if and when you do decide to come out. In regards to our picture-taking and posting on social media, we are sensitive to our fellow members’ preferences, and take them seriously.