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UC Berkeley’s Gay & Queer fraternity, Sigma Epsilon Omega, is looking for a strong, enthusiastic potential siblings! Come over to meet our siblings at our events and find out what SEO can offer you. Feel free to bring friends!

Recruitment is a week long series of events at the beginning of each academic semester. These fun events allow prospective members to meet the siblings and discover what Sigma Epsilon Omega can offer you. Bids, or offers to join the fraternity, are announced to those selected at the end of rush week.

Intake is an eight-week process that begins after recruitment and upon accepting your bid offered by Sigma Epsilon Omega. Our intake process builds strong bonds between potential siblings and with the siblinghood while exploring our core principles and values. We actively strive for a haze-free intake process that encourages personal growth and traditions while expanding ones knowledge of and engagement in both the Greek and the Queer/Trans community.

Sigma Epsilon Omega follows all recruitment guidelines and regulations established by the Intra-Fraternity Council (IFC) at the University of California, Berkeley in conjunction with the All-Greek Social Code.

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