The University of California, Berkeley’s Queer Fraternity

Sigma Epsilon Omega

Spring 2022 Rush Events!

Tuesday, February 1, 7PM-9PM (Zoom Event)
Cozy Affair & Info Session 1
Bundle up in your coziest outfit and sip some cider as we get to know each other

Wednesday, February 2, 7PM-9PM (Zoom Event)
Crafting Night
Orgiami? Knitting? Witchcraft? Who know! Come be crafty!

Thursday, February 3, 7PM-9PM (Zoom Event)
Game Night
We can be fun! We swear! Let us prove it tonight!

Friday, February 4, 7PM-9PM (Zoom Event)
Niche Presentations & Info Session 2
Informal Slideshow presentations by me, we, and thee

Saturday, February 5, 7PM-9PM (Hybrid Event)
Circle Dinner (Invite Only)
Now we feast

Instagram: @sigmaepsilonomega
Email us for the zoom link invitations

The Start of Siblinghood

Sigma Epsilon Omega was founded on February 22, 2007 by Travis Garcia and a group of young leaders who later formed the Alpha class. Motivated by the idea of fusing the Greek and Queer communities on campus, Garcia held meetings in Dwinelle, attracted reporters and news crews, and established the foundation of the siblinghood we all enjoy today. The Alpha class established our core values: Strength, Equality, and Opportunity.

Building upon these values, we uphold the four Pillars of Greek life:

Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Siblinghood

  • Academic excellence: Encouraged through our study sessions, resources such as our test bank, and guidance from other Siblings and Alumni.
  • Leadership: In addition to opportunities provided by the officer positions, our siblings take active roles in various organizations on campus.
  • Active Service: Sustained each semester and is expected from all siblings. We work with LGBTQ+ organizations such as the DreamCatcher shelter in Oakland and Openhouse in the Castro District as well as in local community service events such as the Berkeley Project.
  • Siblinghood: A commitment to a lifelong friendship and family. Siblinghood enhances the college experience by providing a home away from home, mentorship, career networking and a sense of community within the #1 public university in the nation.

“Our mission is to maintain a safe and empowering social space that promotes lifelong bonds through scholarship, community service, leadership, and engagement in both the Queer/Trans and Greek communities on campus for students with a diverse range of sexual orientations, gender identities, races, socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Since our formation, SEO has continued to grow as UC Berkeley’s only Queer Social Fraternity. Navigating this unique intersection between the Greek and Queer/Trans communities, we pride ourselves on a completely open and haze-free induction process that builds strong siblinghood bonds and fosters personal growth while educating potential siblings about the queer hxstory and culture that unite us.

Offering a progressive perspective within the Greek community, our siblings advocate for a shared culture of consent, acceptance and respect. Among the LGBTQ+ community at Cal, we maintain active participation in Berkeley’s Queer Alliance and Resource Center (QARC) and the UC Berkeley Multicultural Greek Council (MCGC), as well as with organizations such as Gamma Rho Lambda, the Queer and Ally Sorority; Unity House, the Queer Housing Theme Program; and Oscar Wilde, the Queer Student Cooperative House.

Our Fraternity crest consisting of our mascot; the loyal wolf our Fraternity colors of blue and silver, our motto and important Fraternity symbols.

“Vires Per Adversum” 
Strength Through Adversity